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Table 1 Work packages supported by the ENBREC network

From: European Network of Bipolar Research Expert Centre (ENBREC): a network to foster research and promote innovative care

Work package Scope Lead
WP1 Management of the project Chantal Henry, France
WP2 Developing common tools for diagnosis and multinational cohort follow-up Eduard Vieta, Spain
WP3 Developing common tools for neurocognitive assessment Guy Goodwin, UK
WP4 Assessment of common biomarkers and genetic markers Marion Leboyer, France
WP5 Development of standards for imaging Ole Andreassen, Norway
WP6 Treatment optimization, definition of subgroups of responders Michael Bauer, Germany
WP7 Supporting multinational clinical research and data management Jacques Demotes, France
WP8 Education, information, dissemination, translation of research outcomes into healthcare Angelo Barbato, Italy
WP9a Pan-European educational programme - ‘Improving the identification of BD II disorders’ Jan Scott, UK
WP9b Extension to new countries and within the countries Jacques Demotes, France