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Table 6 Subset of participants who demonstrated positive change (quantitatively)

From: Using theatre to address mental illness stigma: a knowledge translation study in bipolar disorder

Qualitative finding Participant quotes
Increased empathy Going from less information to after the play having more information has (…) opened up my compassion. 01-CM029
1. Increased hope Hope for recovery. (…) Anyone else that I meet that suffers from this and that is honest about what they’ve lived and how they’ve lived, and can share that – that gives me hope. 03-CM017
It made me feel hopeful for the reduction in stigma. It made me feel hopeful for other people that were watching it that would be inspired by her. 01-HP43
2. Increased openness I’m probably more vocal about how it, about talking about mental illness than I was before I saw it. 01-HP024
  It made me, you know, more comfortable and maybe, made me maybe a little more able to tell people I have bipolar disorder. 02-CM006
  1. CM = person with lived experience of BD; HP = healthcare provider.