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Table 1 Cognitive tasks and measurements

From: Prediction of vulnerability to bipolar disorder using multivariate neurocognitive patterns: a pilot study

No. CANTAB task Evaluation Measurements
1 Affective Go/No-Go Inhibition control Reaction time*, accuracy
2 Big/Little Circle Comprehension, learning and reversal Reaction time*, accuracy
3 Cambridge Gambling Task Risk-taking behavior Reaction time*, accuracy, proportion bets across trials with more/equally/less likely outcome
4 Choice Reaction Time Simple (motor) processing speed Reaction time*, accuracy
5 Motor Screening Simple (motor) processing speed Reaction time*
6 Match to Sample Visual Search Ability to match motor and visual stimuli Reaction time*, accuracy
7 Rapid Visual Processing Sustained attention Reaction time*, accuracy
8 Spatial Recognition Memory Visual spatial recognition memory Reaction time*, accuracy
9 Spatial Span task Spatial working memory Span length, number of attempts, reaction times*
  1. *Reaction time is in milliseconds