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Table 1 Characteristics of the 9 patients with thyroid cancer from our lithium clinic

From: Thyroid and renal tumors in patients treated with long-term lithium: case series from a lithium clinic, review of the literature and international pharmacovigilance reports

Sex Age at thyroidectomy Years on lithium at thyroidectomy Pathological diagnosis Radio-iodine therapy
F 60 25 Papillary carcinoma, follicular variant, with focal invasion of the capsule Yes
F 53 25 Papillary carcinoma Yes
M 44 15 Papillary carcinoma, follicular variant Yes
F 53 12 Papillary carcinoma No
F 52 19 Papillary carcinomaa No
F 54 26 Multifocal papillary carcinomab Yes
F 66 23 Papillary carcinoma Yes
F 61 22 Papillary carcinoma Yes
F 53 23 Papillary carcinoma No
  1. aCase report with concurrent renal oncocytoma described in this paper
  2. bCase already reported in a follow-up study of a cohort of 150 patients (Bocchetta et al. 2007a)