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Table 4 Characteristics of thyroid tumors from the literature and from the present case series

From: Thyroid and renal tumors in patients treated with long-term lithium: case series from a lithium clinic, review of the literature and international pharmacovigilance reports

Authors N. Pathological diagnosis Years on lithium Sex Age Notes
Brownlie et al. (1980) 1 Papillary-cell carcinoma 3.5 F 55 Multinodular goiter
McHenry et al. (1990) 3 Papillary carcinoma 3 F 48 Myxedema, multinodular goiter, radio-iodine therapy
Papillary carcinoma 4 F 52 Myxedema, multinodular goiter
Papillary carcinoma 6 F 78 Hypothyroidism, multinodular goiter, hyperparathyroidism
Aksoy et al. (2006) 1 Multifocal papillary carcinoma 4 M 45 Hypothyroidism, hashimoto thyroiditis
Bocchetta et al. (2007a), and present study 9 9 papillary carcinoma 12–26 8F
44–66 Radio-iodine therapy in 6 cases