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Table 1 Content of the psychoeducation program

From: A multi-center naturalistic study of a newly designed 12-sessions group psychoeducation program for patients with bipolar disorder and their caregivers

Session number Theme
1 Meeting other participants and introduction to psychoeducation
2 Introduction to bipolar disorders, manic episodes, misconceptions, and prejudices
3 Depression, cognitive problems, and the role of caregivers
4 Causes, course, heredity, and desire to have children
5 Medication I: considerations about use, types of medication, and lithium
6 Medication II: adherence, monitoring, and other medication than lithium
7 Self-management: Life Chart, Relapse Prevention Plan, and lifestyle
8 Stress management, problem-solving strategies, communication skills, and psychotherapy
9 Relapse Prevention Plan I: depressive episodes and suicidal thoughts
10 Relapse Prevention Plan II: (hypo) mania, mixed episodes, and involuntary admission
11 Psychosocial aspects: the influence of bipolar disorders on relationships and work
12 Closing session, meeting the Dutch patient and caregiver advocacy organization, evaluation, and ‘further on your own’