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Table 2 Potential measures of rest-activity rhythms (further details are given in Appendix)

From: An evidence map of actigraphy studies exploring longitudinal associations between rest-activity rhythms and course and outcome of bipolar disorders

Parametric (Cosinor) Model Non-parametric
Sleep Quantity Analysis Model
(Mean or Variability)
Sleep Analysis- Circadian Phase Model
Midline estimating statistic of rhythm (MESOR) Inter-daily Stability (IS) Mean Activity (MA) Sleep Onset
Amplitude Intra-daily Variability (IV) Time in Bed (TIB) (± Lights Off) Sleep Offset
Acrophase Least active period: L5/ L5 Onset Total Sleep Time (TST) Sleep Midpoint
  Most active period:M10/M10 Onset Sleep Onset Latency (SOL) Sleep Regularity Index (SRI)
  Amplitude Sleep Efficiency (SE %)  
  Relative Amplitude Fragmentation Index (FI %)  
   Wake after sleep onset (WASO) (± N awakenings > 5 min)