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Table 1 Examples of IoT devices

From: Internet of things issues related to psychiatry

Home devices:
  Automobile systems
  Bathroom appliances
  Door and window locks
  Kitchen appliances (refrigerators, stoves)
  Security cameras
  Smoke alarms
  Utility meters
  Vacuum cleaners
  Voice assistants
Consumer health/medical devices:
  Baby clothes that monitor respiration
  Electronic pill bottles
  Environmental chemical sensors
  Fitness trackers
  Football helmets that analyze impacts
  Sleep monitors
  Smart toothbrush
  Video games to improve attention
  Voice assistants to refill prescriptions
  Water bottles
  Wearable blood pressure monitors
  Wearable ECG monitors
  Wearable sweat sensors
Approved medical devices from physicians:
  Cardiac implanted devices (pacemakers, defibrillators)
  Cochlear implant
  Drug delivery systems
  Foot drop implants
  Glucose monitors
  Implanted biosensors
  Ingestible medications
  Oxygen saturation
  Patient identification and tracking
  Smart inhalers
  Vital sign monitors