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Table 1 Characteristics of bipolar disorder (BD) in children and adolescents between 1995 and 2014

From: Diagnostic stability in children and adolescents with bipolar disorder, a nationwide register-based study

VariablesTotal population includedTotal population with 3-year follow-up
Children and adolescents with BD51910047892
Sex (females)2995827457
Family history of psychiatric disorders16232aa
Family history of bipolar disorder5711aa
Substance abuse total53104810
Substance abuse, other than alcohol and cannabis255235
Diagnostic setting
Psychotic BD at index92189019
Index BD prior to 20051312513027
Index BD < 13 years367327
Latest psychiatric diagnosis prior to BD
 Schizophrenia or related diagnosis93188618
 Affective disorders1302511724
 Substance abuse408378
 Other psychiatric disorders2865526355
Information about parents
 Schizophrenia or related diagnosis449aa
 Affective disorders11122aa
 Substance abuse7715aa
 Other psychiatric disorders92aa
Age at first ever BD15.
Age at first psychiatric contact14.43.614.33.6
  1. aNumbers could not be reported in order to comply with the data protection rules set by Statistics Denmark in order to avoid allowing identification of individual patients in cells containing ≤ 5 patients