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Table 5 Assignment of the six DSM-5 depressive symptoms for (hypo)mania with mixed features specifier to selected IDS-C items

From: Mania and bipolar depression: complementing not opposing poles—a post-hoc analysis of mixed features in manic and hypomanic episodes

DSM-5 depressive symptom (abbreviated) Corresponding IDS-C item
1. Prominent dysphoria or depressed mood 5 (sad mood) * or 10*
2. Diminished interest or pleasure an all, or almost all, activities 19 (involvement) or 21 (pleasure/enjoyment)
3. Psychomotor retardation nearly every day 23 (psychomotor slowing)
4. Fatigue or loss of energy 20 ((energy/fatiguability)
5. Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt 16 (outlook-self)
6. Recurrent thoughts of death 18 (suicidal ideation)
  1. *A minimum score of 2 is needed to satisfy criterion