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Table 1 Overview results focus group

From: How to make online mood-monitoring in bipolar patients a success? A qualitative exploration of requirements

Topic Code Times initially mentioned
Positive experiences with monitoring Provides insight
Gives direction
Insight into the course of the illness
Negative experiences with monitoring Stressful
Confrontation with the disease
Lack of privacy
Positive aspects of technology and monitoring Getting more insight
More overview options
Possibility to use notifications
Better availability
More secure
Negative aspects of technology and monitoring Need for a device
Focus on illness
Provoke the use of the telephone
Requirements for a monitoring app Freedom of choice
Possibility to add text/photos/videos
Monitor temporary items
Adding own parameters
Adjustable notifications
Free wording
No unnecessarily features
Linking possibilities (e.g., RRP)
Compatibility with other devices
Clear design
Easy to operate
Clear privacy statement
No hidden data extraction
Reliable supplier
Clear access protocol with the logging option
Personal feedback
Increase of self-management
Based on the LCM