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Table 2 Additional topics

From: How to make online mood-monitoring in bipolar patients a success? A qualitative exploration of requirements

Additional topics after discussion in the FGM
Requirements for a monitoring app
Freedom of choice User-friendliness Trustworthiness Goal-setting Remaining
• Handle algorithms
• Monitor temporary items
• Choose words that apply to the user
• Flexibility
• Add text, photos, videos or music
• Scroll function to zoom in or out on the graphic of the LC
• Diary function
• Exactly meet the users’ demands
• Connect with different applications
• Multiple-use (phone, tablet, pc)
• No daily login
• Clear privacy statement
• Clear who has access to the data
• Clear who can watch the LC
• Supporting in the regulation of the users
• Personalized feedback
• No compulsory use
• No linking with other social media