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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for patients

From: Neuropsychological exponents for the driving ability in remitted bipolar patients

Inclusion criteria
 Patients of both sexes aged 18–65
 BD diagnosis in remission (HDRS < 8p, YMRS < 12)
 Regular use of recommended mood stabilizers
 Patient's consent
Exclusion criteria
 Clinically unstable medical conditions
 Mental retardation or symptoms of dementia
 Electroconvulsive therapy in the last year
 Addiction to any psychoactive substances
 Current use of sedatives (BDA and derivatives, hydroxyzine, hypnotics) or other sedative (e.g. some allergy, drugs)
 Significant vision deficits
  1. HDRS Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, YMRS Young Mania Rating Scale