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Table 2 Themes and subthemes of facilitators and barriers during MBCT

From: The feasibility of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for people with bipolar disorder: a qualitative study

Barriers Facilitators
Training Training
  Setting   Setting
    Location     Location
    Space     Space
    Time     Time
  Content   Content
    Physical content     Physical content
    Materials     Materials
    Homework     Homework
  Teacher   Teacher
  Peer group   Peer group
1. Psychosocial 1. Psychosocial
  Close relatives   Close relatives
  Social contacts   Social contacts
  Time available   Time available
2. Personal characteristics 2. Personal characteristics
  Mindset   Mindset
  Personality   Personality
  Comorbid symptoms  
3. Bipolar disorder 3. Bipolar disorder
  (Hypo)manic symptoms   Hypomanic symptoms
  Depressive symptoms   Stable mood
  Stable mood